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thank you based god
super smash bros 4: lil b’s moveset


neutral B: Cook.  lil b starts cooking which damages opponents and also spawns various food items on the stage

side B: Tiny Shirt. lil b throws a tiny shirt. if it hits an opponent, they take damage as well as shrink in size for a small amount of time

up B: Fuck Kevin Durant. lil b dunks on kevin durant. this is his recovery move

down B: Twitter. this is a counter move. lil b holds out his phone. if someone attacks him, a based fan will come out of the phone and counterattack

final smash: Wonton Soup. lil b’s giant car falls from the sky is is parked (lands) on everyone while wonton soup plays.

grab: Pink Bandana. lil b can use a pink bandana to tether grab

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